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How We work

There are many reasons why our patients need our help in maintaining fit feet.  As people age, issues such as declining vision, lack of dexterity and reduced flexibility limit our abilities.  Any or all of these issues can make it very difficult for seniors to perform simple acts of personal care, like cutting their toenails.  Seniors may also not be aware of other more serious issues, some caused by things like diabetes or injury.

Whenever we meet with patients, we do a professional assessment of their current foot health.  We also listen carefully to specific things that the patient wants – nail trimming, callus treatment, review of other issues.  Everyday Divinity provides services for these conditions in a gentle manner using sterile tools and in a comfortable environment to preserve the patient’s health and contribute to their peace of mind.

Specific Services

Toenail Trimming

We take a careful interest in each patient’s feet. Nail thickness, shape and growth patterns can vary and tend to change as we age. Our treatments of regular trimming, thinning and filing of nails are designed to improve a patient’s mobility, foot comfort, and shoe fit. Regular upkeep of your nails will allow you to lead a more active lifestyle.

Corns/Calluses/Dry Heels

The integrity of skin and other parts of our feet may be compromised as we age, leading to issues that can affect health and mobility.

Thinning of fat pads on the bottom of our feet can lead to calluses and other problems as the body tries to compensate for the reduced amount of padding.

Changes in foot structure caused by the way foot bones are arranged can lead to corns and calluses. Loss of elasticity–the skin may not stretch as it once did –can cause dry or cracked heels.

Foot Assessment

Feet change over time –the overall size, width, and structure can vary substantially. Some changes can be due to trauma, disease, and medications. Others occur as a result of wear or weight changes. If a patient has diabetes these problems can be very serious. Everyday Divinity professionals can assess these changes and make recommendations tailored to meet your lifestyle and foot health condition.

Our nurses love helping you find answers to your foot health concerns.

Client Experiences

"I think this is fabulous for our aging seniors. It’s a service provided in a comfortable manner. We aren’t just a number and they are nurses doing what nurse do –providing care versus looking at a computer. As a retired nurse I respect the service and hope it grows."

Ms. Joan S.

"I am pleased to recommend the services of Heather Wilson of Everyday Divinity. She comes to my house every three months and brings relief to my poor aching feet. This she does with great skill, professionalism, and of course with a fine "footside" manner. I value her service especially as I'm growing older and it becomes harder and harder for me to properly care for my feet. I am grateful that Heather is there to help."

Mr. Harry K.

"I'm elderly and unable to take care of my toenails. Some of the nails were very thick due to fungus. I saw Heather's advertisement and called for an appointment. Heather did an awesome job! She has been at my house twice now and my toenails are looking so much better. Call Her! You won't be disappointed. To top it off, she is "cute as a bugs' ear!"

Ms. Carole S.

If you or your loved ones are having trouble providing foot care for themselves, please contact Everyday Divinity today

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