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Our Commitment to our nurses is to create a work and lifestyle balance


Our Founder's Philosophy

“I started Everyday Divinity for those who want to work smarter – not harder. I loved being an on-duty vascular nurse UNTIL the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry made it hard for me to be the nurse I wanted to be and the nurse that I felt my patients deserved. 

As a mother, I also wanted to be the mom that my family deserved.

Doing what's Right

Providing the best possible care for patients requires having the right environment for all the people involved. Patients, their caregivers, and families need to feel that they are valued – and so do the nursing professionals providing the care.

Every healthcare professional wants a job that honors their view of the world.  Each of them entered the field of medicine for the same reasons - to help people.  Of course, they want to earn a living and be compensated for their hard work, but they know that working isn’t the only thing that will help them to achieve the life they want.

If YOU are looking for the opportunity to balance the work that you love with the lifestyle you would like to have, we are growing and looking for dedicated professionals that want a well-adjusted life – CALL US.

We are headquartered in Ohio, but are expanding beyond these borders. If you are outside of Ohio, we are more than ready, willing and able to help you!

Take a look at the Benefits of the Everyday Divinity Foot Health program below (or click the "Learn About Franchise Opportunities" button) so you can learn more about how you can be a driving force for the advancement of foot health and regain the joy of helping patients – the reason you became a nurse in the first place.


Benefits of Becoming an Everyday Divinity Franchisee

If you are currently a practicing nurse, you know that the primary concern of the traditional medical system seems to have evolved from patient centered to  more of a legal and insurance centered culture.  The tasks of creating efficiency and measurable matrixes have fallen on the bed side nurses. These administration controls have added pressures that equate to eroding nurse job satisfaction.

This isn’t why you got into nursing.  But, you don’t see any logical alternative – changing facilities or job responsibilities probably won’t lead to improved job satisfaction…and definitely not a work / life balance where your health and family comes first.

Going into business for yourself seems like a gigantic risk, full of unknowns and could increase your anxiety. How can starting, owning and operating a nursing business help bring balance to my life?


Everyday Divinity has established a comprehensive road to follow. 

We provide the training, the process and the system for you to start your own business with minimal risk.

You can choose to start part-time. This gives you time to learn the system, perfect your skills and build your market. Once you gain confidence and see some success; we will help you expand your foot care business to your defined levels.

We KNOW our program will work  because we started exactly the same way!

One of the best reasons to purchase an Everyday Divinity Franchise is our mentorship. Your success is our success. You are not going this alone. All of our franchisees are working together to improve the system, grow our brand and provide foot care to seniors across America.

Go to our Franchise Page, complete the inquiry form and send it to us. We will review and respond in a timely manner to see if business ownership is right for you.

Nurse's Experiences

“Foot care nurses get to interact with wonderful people, make them feel better quickly, and have the time to provide relevant education on how to keep feet healthy.  For me, it’s what nursing is all about. It is very satisfying to have the time to listen to (our patients) stories, learn about their experiences and hear them laugh.”

Jen Vanek - RN, BSN, CFCN

“Holding foot care clinics on a part time basis allows me to remain employed at the hospital, volunteer at the local humane society and enjoy my grandchildren. I encourage any nurse that is looking for a work/life balance and has the burning desire to help seniors maintain active lifestyles to join the team.”

Joyce Merrick, RN

Thinking about joining our team? Please call us.
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