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How We work

  • Everyday Divinity® was founded by a nurse to achieve work/life balance by restoring job satisfaction through providing patient centered care.
  • Our proven foot care business gives you the training, tools and mentorship to start your own business.
  • If you are a nurse ready to achieve career fulfillment while balancing the demands of life, an Everyday Divinity® Franchise may be right for you.

A Note From Our Founder...

With the rise of the baby boomer generation, the demands and needs of healthcare are sure to increase. A lot of these needs, and added responsibility will be met by nurses. At Everyday Divinity® we are filling one of those needs through our foot care franchise business model.

Working bedside in a hospital, I witnessed the lack of foot care options available to our aging population. Per hospital policy, nurses consult podiatry to provide any routine nail care services. The problem with this is insurance has placed such restrictions on the service, that reimbursement rates were so low podiatrists didn’t want to provide routine foot care. Meanwhile, we were getting an influx of foot infections from patients who visited salons for their nail trimming. Podiatrists and nail salons were the only choices and neither were satisfactorily meeting our seniors needs.

My solution was to create a service based business that delivers safe, convenient, and cost effective foot care in a compassionate and trusting manner only nurses can provide. After receiving my foot care certification, it took 2 years of ‘figuring it out’. Gaining a certificate, learning the process, throwing up a  web site and selling your services at a facility isn't enough to be successful.

Our franchise system gives you the confidence, mentorship and resources to start your foot care business immediately. We will provide you with the ‘secret sauce to success’ and prevent you from learning by trial and error.

We will provide you with the marketing resources and proven sales strategies to get you into facilities quickly. Our reputation has provided us with the ability to contract with many facilities in Ohio. These relationships will help franchisees expedite the critical start up phase.

Included in our system is the administration, logistical and legal aspects of the operating a foot care business including charting forms, the proper tools, book keeping, accounting practices, and more. Our weeklong training program and operations manual will provide step-by-step instructions leaving nothing to chance.

Together our community of foot care nurses support and empower one another as we close this gap within the healthcare system…and who better to teach nurses “the how to’s of running a successful foot care business” than a nurse who has 9 years of experience.

If your are in a position to invest in yourself and have the drive to be your own boss, then we encourage you to download and complete the inquiry form.

Thank you so much for considering an Everyday Divinity® Franchise,



Everyday Divinity is a Footcare
Business in a Box

  • Our proven system gives you step-by-step guidance, a complete plan and total support in starting and running your own business.

  • Franchise Fee’s start at $18,000
    (Total investment of $27,000 - $41,000 minimum)

  • Our week long Franchisee training program consists of:
    • All aspects of starting and operating a business
    • A defined sales and marketing plan for you
    • Classroom and hands on training that can be applied to your foot care certification.

Additional Benefits:

  • We accelerate the time from start-up to earning income 
  • Our Franchisees define the days and hours they work 
  • Start part time and move to full time when you are ready
  • No weekends, Holidays or Nights Necessary
  • All services are private pay
  • We do not Invoice patients
  • We do not bill Medicare or any insurance company


  • Senior Focused – Seniors are our passion.  We are blessed to spend 30 minutes with our patients. Many of our patients have little family near by and look forward to their monthly or bi-monthly visits with our nurses. It  is a joy to hear their stories and share our own.


  • Patient Centered – With no computers, no insurance, and no administrators; we are free to focus on our patients needs. Our seniors deeply appreciate our gentle approach to providing foot care. But we go beyond that. Scheduled times, follow up calls,  product recommendations, etc. are all part of caring for our patients.


  • Well Organized – Caring for patients begins with your organizational skills. Successful nurses will diligently follow every step of our system, every day. This includes disinfecting your tools, maintaining your equipment, packing for your clinics, completing your charting, arriving on time, etc.


  • Strong Personality – Owning a business is not for the weak. You will face opposition and rejection  - this is hard! With our mentorship and your courage; you will be successful by trusting our system and following our mentorship.

Thinking about joining our team ?

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