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Become a Partner in Providing Foot Care Clinics

Having the ability to offer the services of reliable, insured Registered Nurses to your residents and members adds tremendous value to your facility at no cost to you.

Our Foot Care Clinics consist of a 30 minute, self-pay service for each participant that includes trimming, thinning and filing of nails; filing corns, calluses and dry skin and advice regarding general foot care maintenance. Our staff can schedule each patient’s service for a specific time and provide all reminder calls. This practice ensures an efficient process and reduces any stress on your facility.

As nurse advocates for the advancement of foot health, we are delighted to do these on-site clinics for your residents and members. We will gladly provide current facility director references upon request as to demonstrate how Everyday Divinity’s process of providing foot care clinics are self-sufficient and simple to execute.



  • We have been performing services in senior centers and senior living facilities since our company was founded in 2011. We have an excellent track record and have testimonials from multiple organizations with which we have worked.
  • Our in-house staff can field all inquiries about services, schedule all patients and provide reminder calls for any and all appointments
  • Everyday Divinity is licensed and insured within the states where practice and is always looking for new mutually beneficial relationships with facilities where we can deliver our services.
  • Payment for services is due at the time of service
  • We do not Invoice patients
  • We do not bill Medicare or any insurance company

This allows us to keep our charges reasonable, avoids billing/payment confusion and eliminates ANY issues for your staff in regard to payments. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions, provide referrals of current facility directors and discuss details in regard to our foot care clinics. Please call us anytime during normal business hours, EST, at (614) 716-9919 or email us anytime.

Facility Experiences

“Everyday Divinity facilitates professional and quality foot care services to the Westerville Senior Center. It has developed into an expected monthly healthcare service our members rely on and look forward to receiving. Heather’s appointment schedule continues to fill quickly and she received outstanding reviews from our Westerville Senior Center members. I would recommend Everyday Divinity Foot Care without hesitation.”

Director of Westerville Senior Center

“As soon as I heard of this service, I called Heather to get Reynoldsburg on the list. Her Foot Care Clinics have been filled every month since. The service has brought another aspect to our membership programming. We also got a few new members that joined so they would know when Heather would be here. Heather provides a great service to our membership. For those that can no longer manage their own foot care, she is a Godsend. Everyone that has had an appointment has come back – that’s the real test!”

Director, Senior Center of Reynoldsburg

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