What to Expect


What to Expect at your first Appointment

First of all, there is no need to be anxious. Our Registered Nurses have impeccable, caring bedside manner and will listen to all your foot health concerns. They are trained, and prepared to help those who have not had their nails trimmed for years to those that just need a routine trimming…. and all services are performed with a nurse’s gentle touch.

After you complete a brief medical history and sign a treatment consent form, we will discuss your foot health concerns and determine what you hope to achieve with your visit.

Your nurse will explain that all instruments used are sterilized* and are for individual use only. We follow all standard medical cross sterilization techniques to create a safe environment to prevent infections.

During Treatment

During our standard treatment, we will expertly trim, thin and file your nails. We will also reduce corns and calluses. We can make recommendations for topical, over the counter skin creams and lotions when there is a need. All services adhere to a scope of practice as outlined by each state’s board of nursing.

All services will be documented to maintain a record of your visit, the treatment provided and any future recommendations. These records are vital to ensure care continuity and to ensure practical improvement toward the advancement in senior foot health.

*All tools are sterilized using a medical grade strict liquid chemical sterilization procedure


Patient Experiences

"I wore steel toe boots, was in Vietnam and my feet have literally been through the war! As a rancher my feet were abused over the years. This service has given me back the ability to walk without pain."

Mr. James C.

"What a blessing this service has become for myself and my brother. We are both diabetic and we look forward to our appointment every month."

Mrs. Kathy B.

We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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